Come Ride with Us!

Our riders are the very heart of Evan’s Ride for Autism!  Join us by signing up to ride as an individual or by forming or joining a team.

Step 1:  Click on the Register button below to sign up to ride.  You can register as an individual rider, a team leader and get a team together, or sign up as a member of an established team.



Step 2:  Follow instructions on the registration page to set up your online fundraising page and/or download an old school pledge form and begin collecting pledges.

Step 3: Bring you bike and helmet and join us for the fun on June 9th!


Contact the Event Organizers.

New to Online Fundraising?

Here are some tips:

Personalize your requests: Sending out a bulk email beginning with “Hey Everybody” is not as effective as personally requesting a friend, a family member, or a business acquaintance for help. It is more work but you will see the difference in results.

Tell a Story: There are a lot of great causes out there who need money. Tell why this cause is near and dear to your heart. Why are you involved? What is your goal? What is the money being used for? Once again, personalize it. Increase your audience’s awareness. People give to people, not to causes.

Send Reminders: If they didn’t tell you, “Sorry, love to help, but I can’t at this time”, then send them a reminder. Most people receive hundreds of emails every single week. We are all inundated with information. People will probably forget. Send them a reminder. They would appreciate the reminder and would feel bad if they wanted to make a donation, and simply forgot.

“Thank You”: Don’t forget to send a quick email just to say thanks. Again, a personalized request should be followed by a personal thank you. It goes a long way especially if you plan to do it again the next year.

Follow Up: Let all your supporters and those who opted out know how the ride went. Did you reach your goal? Was the pizza good and did you meet some amazing people?

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